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Alma Ayon

Contemplative Artist and Meditation Teacher

In my artwork I like to reflect on conceptual simplicity. Inspired from my practice of meditation in eastern contemplative traditions. An art that represents, silence, space, awareness, simplicity, concentration, mindfulness.
After studying a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in Architecture I received meditation training in India, Nepal, Thailand, the United States and Mexico, under the guidance of several contemplative teachers.
My artwork has influence from Eastern contemplative traditions where art was closely linked to the spiritual quest for understanding consciousness and developing a deeper wisdom as embodied through forms such as Zen calligraphy and Sumi-e, which emphasized painting with mindfulness, concentration and presence.
Later I certified as Meditation and Emotional Balance Teacher, and studied a Masters in Psychology. Since then, I teach international courses on Contemplative Art and Meditation in which I offer a therapeutic approach to working with creativity, the mind and emotions. Visit for more information.
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