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Two Months Retreat

Cultivating Emotional Balance Introductory talk March 9, 3pm

Contemplative Art Course at The Contemplary, Melbourne
The Contemplary is proud to be hosting Alma Ayon to run a 3-week course in contemplative art. The program, combines instruction in meditation practices (drawing from the Tibetan Buddhist and Zen traditions) with exercises in drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as providing an overview of the history of contemplative art in the West and the East. June 10th-July 1st.

​Art show at Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne

Contemplación is an invitation to spend some minutes fully immersed in the present moment. A series of paintings by Alma Ayon created as a natural expression of her contemplative practice.
Contemplative Art Workshop at Hayagriva Institute, Perth
Two day Contemplative Art workshop
June 2nd-3rd 2017