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I’m a contemplative artist, traveling from one place to another. It all started with a wish to live a free lifestyle, moment by moment and without too many attachments. 

On 2004 I traveled to Asia, to study and retreat in a monastery. Then I spend many years taking time to retreat. Training my mind in contemplative practices. I always kept sketching and painting, as a way to observe the world carefully. 

I enjoy working on different projects as an architect, designer and painter, I also like to share and guide other people to learn meditation. Understanding the mind is the door to freedom, for that reason I studied a Masters in Psychology as a way to complement my studies on Buddhism. As I travel from one country to another, meeting new people and environments, I work on different art and design projects.

In my artwork I like to reflect conceptual simplicity. Inspired from my practice of meditation in eastern contemplative traditions. An art that represents, silence, space, awareness, simplicity, concentration, peace, mindfulness.

In our world we are constantly bombarded with sensory stimuli, our mind wanders from one object of interest to another, I want to create a space to experience silence and presence. 

Every certain time I retreat to observe my mind and experience the peace of meditation.


Graduated as an Architect in 1998 at UDLA Puebla, Mexico. Some years later studied the career on Visual Arts at CMA in Cuernavaca. Aware of how important is that artists have something meaningful to communicate to humanity, I started a spiritual quest. Traveled to Nepal to paint, study and retreat at the Buddhist Monastery of Kopan and studied Yoga and meditation in India under several teachers. Studied Buddhist Philosophy, Contemplative Practice and Science with Dr. Alan Wallace for the past 10 years. I co-founded Casa Tibet Cuernavaca, a meditation center in México. 

Through my artwork and meditation workshops I motivate people to meditate on topics like impermanence and the dreamlike nature of reality, and to search in the depths of their consciousness the meaning of their own existence. 

I  teach art in integration with mindfulness, cognitive therapy and meditation. Helping people to become mindful of the present, while being aware of thoughts and emotions, transforming mental afflictions into loving-kindness and compassion in order to flourish as human beings. 

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